9 am Yoga starting May with Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Tyson Beach Yoga will be adding Fridays 9am starting May 3rd. Because of the construction at Tyson park we have been holding class only on weekends when there is no construction.  Due to requests for weekday classes we will start adding Fridays this month and see how it goes. Look forward to seeing you on your Mat at the Beach.

                                                                                                                                                        Namaste   Teresa Petersen

Winter Break for Tyson Beach 9am Yoga classes

Last class for Winter will be November 30.

Classes will resume in February in time for school/ski vacation visitors. Check back after the Holidays for the class start date.

Contact us if you have a group that would like a 9am class during our Winter Off Season and we will do our best to accommodate your group.

Contact us if you would like to book a Beach private during our Winter Off Season.

Happy Holidays to you.~ Namaste

Sunset Tyson Beach Yoga New time for June 6:30-7:30

Sunset Yoga on Tuesday evening is now at 6:30-7:30 for the month of June. Come join us at Tyson Beach at the Park in the grass for some Yoga and an amazing view.  Wonderful way to end your day.

Sunset Beach Yoga

Sunset is amazing here with the pier view. What better way to wind down at the end of your day than a Sunset and Yoga. Come join us starting  Tuesday, March 20th 6:00pm. You wont regret it.