There are many styles of yoga out there and trying to decide which is best for you and your practice can be confusing. Below, are the styles of yoga that we currently offer at Pier View Yoga. There is a style and flow that matches everyone’s needs.

 Hatha – A tradition styled yoga class that encompasses the physical study of yoga. A very good class for beginners or those who are looking to refresh their yoga practice.

Vinyasa/Flow – Considered by some to be dance like in nature as you follow the power of each breath, flowing through poses as you inhale and exhale.

Restorative – Longer holds, more breathing. This style is less work and more focused on relaxation.

Yin – A quieter, meditative yoga that focuses on lengthening the connective tissue. Yin poses are very passive in nature.

Prenatal – Yoga postures that have been adapted for expectant mothers. Prenatal yoga helps women in all stages of pregnancy and can be helpful after your child’s birth as well.

Children – Yoga classes specifically designed for children are a great way to help children become more aware of their body and breathing, increase flexibility and balance, help with focusing their attention, and decreasing stress levels. Classes are fun for children and an excellent way to expend energies.

Mommy & Me – This style of yoga is a great introductory class for small children allowing the parent/child bond to strengthen while decreasing stress levels ( in both parent and child) and creating a foundation for life long healthy habits.

Gentle – A slow, relaxing style. It is the perfect style for those that have trouble with the more physically demanding styles of yoga.

Power Yoga – Similar to regular Vinayasa, power yoga flows through poses with the breath however the focus is on building strength and can be challenging.