Teresa Petersen

Teresa Petersen completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification and teacher training at the Yoga Studio Carlsbad, with instructor Cindy Gibbons in 2002.  After completing this certification, Teresa taught groups of children at local private schools and assisted with training programs for other local yoga instructors to learn to teach yoga to children. She has taught group and private instruction while raising her two daughters.

Teresa completed her most recent yoga training with instructor Lisette Hart, at Roots and Wings in Vista, CA. The primary style of yoga that Teresa practices is an active Flow/Vinyasa. Her classes are designed for all levels to participate and benefit.  Teresa’s familiarity with the body reflects in her practice and instruction. Other modalities of health and fitness that she has studied include Somatics, Reiki Healing level 1&2 and Energy Medicine such as Homeopathy and Bach Flower.

For fun and fitness outside of the yoga studio Teresa runs and swims.  You can find her swimming at local pools or running in and around Oceanside. Teresa has participated in events such as Dirt Devil 1/2 Marathon Trail Series and other local 1/2 Marathons.  Teresa is an active member of the West Coast Road Runners Club




Emily Jackson
After being involved in performing arts since she was a child, Emily J. was introduced to yoga while attending college in Long Beach. A woman had started a donation based class overlooking the ocean. Yoga quickly became the antidote to many of life’s stressors and changed her life in subtle yet profound ways. She recognized the healing and restorative powers of yoga and was inspired to immerse herself in the yoga lifestyle. This led her to complete a 200 hour teacher training in Costa Rica in 2014. She enjoys teaching classes with Ying-Yang themes, building heat and softening into long restorative poses.Emily hopes to teach others how accessible and healing regular yoga practice can be and has the intention to share her ever-expanding knowledge with all her students.


Shuwen Lau

As an experienced and registered yoga teacher, I cultivate an understanding of emotional balance, anatomy, as well as Hatha integrated yoga techniques.

As a lifelong enthusiast of learning and recognizing yoga is intuitive healing, I’m enriching my yoga path in yoga therapy teacher training at Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas.

I enjoy teaching yoga to everyone and every type of body. I have made a difference in students ages 12-83 who are teenagers, athletes, prenatal, midlife caregivers, and aging seniors.

The practice of yoga is the cultivation of equanimity towards all kinds of experiences in our lives. Having studied different spiritual teaching, supported by the thorough observation of the self and others, I realized all teaching point to the truth of life striving for freedom, growth, expansion, and expression.