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Dive in the World Of yoga & meditation

Hatha Yoga

A tradition styled yoga class that encompasses the physical study of yoga. A very good class for beginners or those who are looking to refresh their yoga practice.

Vinyasa Yoga

Considered by some to be dance like in nature as you follow the power of each breath, flowing through poses as you inhale and exhale.

Gentle Yoga

A slow, relaxing style. It is the perfect style for those that have trouble with the more physically demanding styles of yoga. Slower pace with not a lot of getting up and down, yet includes strength, balance & stetch.

Restorative Yoga

Longer holds, more breathing. This style is less work and more focused on relaxation using props such as bolsters, blankets & blocks to reduce stress.

Gravity/Yin Yoga

A quieter, meditative yoga that focuses on lengthening the connective tissue. This practice using gravity with floor poses held for long periods of time to get a deep stretch. Yin poses are very passive in nature.

Breath work & Meditation

Breathing practices that can help with mental, emotional and physical well being. Meditation techniques and mindfulness exercises to also assist with your overall well being.

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Benefits of Yoga​

1. Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility.

2. Yoga helps with back pain relief.

3. Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms.

4. Yoga benefits heart health.

5. Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better.

6. Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods. 

7. Yoga helps you manage stress. 

8. Yoga connects you with a supportive community. 

9. Yoga promotes better self-care. 

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Pier View Yoga is the BEST Yoga class in Oceanside. Teresa is an outstanding teacher. You can't beat doing Yoga while listening to the ocean waves and the sun pouring down on you. Love it.
Linda Woessner
Retired School Teacher
Tried it for the first time and LOVED it. Teresa is a wonderful, caring teacher and accommodates all levels. I really appreciated her helping us get the most out of the poses, within each of our oen personal body limits. The setting is SO perfect for yoga outdoors - I don't know when I've enjoyed a yoga class more.
Hilarie Schmalz
Logistics Management Speacialist
I love this place! Have been going since it opened. All the instructors are amazing and the space is breath taking. The classes are awesome they really make it so all levels can participate and grow. I would definitely try this place out if you're looking for a sweet new spot for some yoga time.
Tess Williams
Youth Program Director