Yoga For Your Health

Dive in the World of yoga & Meditation

Hatha Yoga

A tradition styled yoga class that encompasses the physical study of yoga. A very good class for beginners or those who are looking to refresh their yoga practice.

Vinyasa Yoga

Considered by some to be dance like in nature as you follow the power of each breath, flowing through poses as you inhale and exhale.

Gentle Yoga

A slow, relaxing style. It is the perfect style for those that have trouble with the more physically demanding styles of yoga. Slower pace with not a lot of getting up and down, yet includes strength, balance & stetch.

Restorative Yoga

Longer holds, more breathing. This style is less work and more focused on relaxation using props such as bolsters, blankets & blocks to reduce stress.

Gravity/Yin Yoga

A quieter, meditative yoga that focuses on lengthening the connective tissue. This practice using gravity with floor poses held for long periods of time to get a deep stretch. Yin poses are very passive in nature.

Breath work & Meditation

Breathing practices that can help with mental, emotional and physical well being. Meditation techniques and mindfulness exercises to also assist with your overall well being.

Group Beach Yoga

Enjoy Yoga outside at the Beach on the Grass across from the sand with an amazing Pier View and the
relaxing sound of the waves. Beach classes are Vinyasa style, and All Levels are welcome. Bring a mat or
towel, a mat can be provided upon request.
online yoga

Online Zoom Class

Enjoy Yoga from the comfort of your home. One hour of Live online slow flow Yoga designed to include strength, balance and deep stretching for All levels. Log in a few minutes early to chat with fellow students to be a part of our yoga community. Vinyasa style, and All Levels are welcome. 

Corporate & Private Group Yoga

Corporate or a Group we have different packages for everyone designed according your needs and yoga levels.   


Do I need to sign up before showing to the beach class ?

No you don’t have to register before showing. You can drop in whenever you want.

Where can I access the zoom link ?

For Zoom classes you have to notify us before the class and we will send you the link.

Are mats provided for the Tyson Beach Yoga class?

Yes, but bringing your own yoga mat is encourage.

We want to have a private group class can we sign up for that ?

Yes we provide private classes just fill up the form on our Corporate & Group page and we will reach back with all the information.

Are your classes for beginners ?

Yes, all levels are welcomed. We do adjust our classes according to the attendees level.

Can I buy monthly card online ?

Yes you can. Go to our pricing page and you can choose from our options. If you need extra help please write to us in the question form on the contact page.